Stihl STIHL-MM56 MM56 Yard Boss Cultivator

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The STIHL MM 56 C-E YARD BOSS has everything users need and more in a multi-tasking tool. With more power and fuel capacity than the previous model, the MM 56 C-E helps homeowners finish various yard tasks quickly and efficiently. It comes standard as a cultivator and is ideal for breaking up weeds and hardened soil in flower beds or gardens. The YARD BOSS easily transitions to any of its eight optional attachments to become a trimmer, edger, dethatcher, lawn aerator and more, allowing users to use the right tool for the right application with ease. The STIHL Easy2Start system also provides a fast and almost effortless start with a gentle pull of the cord, making managing landscapes a breeze. When finished, the MM 56 C-E folds easily for compact storage and transport.

“The YARD BOSS is a multi-task system with the power and performance homeowners have come to expect from STIHL,” said Marv Mathwig, product manager at STIHL Inc. “Its universal powerhead offers the flexibility of multiple attachments with the convenience of only one engine to operate, maintain and store.”

Ultimate Lawn Care System
Built in America* from STIHL quality components, the MM 56 C-E is durable and designed to handle the wear and tear of longtime use. This all-in-one tool is ideal for homeowners looking to get the most out of their lawn and garden without the need for multiple products. Users can easily switch attachments with the included combination wrench and screwdriver to move quickly from defining garden beds to sweeping walkways, to trimming heavy weeds and even removing water and light snow.

The multi-tasking STIHL MM 56 C-E YARD BOSS features:

  • Increased engine power allowing users to tackle lawn and garden projects effectively.**
  • Large 340 cc fuel tank providing longer run times to allow users to do more work with fewer stops to refuel.**
  • semi-automatic choke lever enabling a simplified three-step start procedure: to start, users simply purge the fuel pump bulb, place the product in choke and pull the starter handle. Engage the throttle and the semi-automatic choke lever automatically moves from choke to the run position.
  • One-touch stop, allowing users to turn off the engine with the simple press of a button. When the engine is off, the one-touch stop switch automatically returns the tool to the start position, reducing the chance of flooding the engine when starting; users simply engage the throttle to get back to work.
  • Start, stop and throttle features all contained on one comfortable multi-function control handle making it easy to complete tasks.
  • Vertical pleated paper air filter with a large surface area for better filtration and extended service intervals.
  • Optional MM wheel kit available for improved handling, transport and maneuverability with most attachments.

MM 56 STIHL YARD BOSS Specifications

  • DISPLACEMENT 27.2 cc (1.66 cu. in.)
  • ENGINE POWER 0.85 kW (1.14 bhp)
  • FUEL CAPACITY 340 cc (11.5 oz.)
  • TINE SPEED 200 rpm
  • WEIGHT* 9.9 kg (21.8 lbs.)