Tajima TAJ-CNVBSP3W550 Convoy Bulk Super 3way 10oz Caulking Gun


3way caulk gun with three refill types: bulk, sausage pack and cartridge. Just press a button to switch to the right piston for your refill type.

  • 360 degree rotating handle allows maneuvering in tight spaces
  • SST system makes it easy to use high-viscosity materials
  • Durable die-cast aluminum trigger and grip
  • Rubber gasket on the piston ensures that no caulking material leaks back into the gun
  • Fitted with a drip-prevention mechanism


  • Product: Caulking gun
  • Manufacturer: Tajima
  • Model: CNVBSP3W550
  • Capacity: 10 fl-oz cartridge, 13 fl-oz sausage pack, 18 fl-oz bulk
  • Stroke: 21/46" (8.5 mm)
  • Gun weight: 2.6 lbs (1.2 kg)