Tenryu TEN-MP-305100AB Miter-Pro Plus 12" X 100T 1" Arbor


Miter-Pro Plus Saw Blades MP-305100AB. 12" Dia., 100 Teeth, 1" Arbor, ATAFR Grind, .110" Kerf, -3 Degree Rake. When super-smooth cuts are needed, especially in thinner stock.

The Miter Pro Plus saw blade from Tenryu has all the features of the Miter Pro series blades but with some technological improvements to make them even better. Tenryu's Miter Pro Plus Saw Blades have a reduced tendency to grab material being cut and have a negative Degree Rake angle tooth design for making finer cuts in thin or brittle materials. They also feature additional resin-filled silencing slots in the plate to eliminate vibration for smooth and quiet cuts.

Tenryu puts a great deal of care in manufacturing their saw blades to ensure every blade is of the highest quality.


  • Weight: 6.03 Lbs
  • Diameter: 12"
  • Teeth: 100
  • Arbor: 1"
  • Grind: Atafr Alternate Top Alternate Face W/ Raker
  • Rake: -3
  • Kerf: .118
  • Max Rpm: 5000
  • Application: Smooth Cutting. Wide Variety Material Thickness. Great For Trim Carpentry.
  • Material: Wood Products