Tenryu TEN-PRP-305100CB Pro-Plastic 12" X 100T 1" Arbor


Weight: 6.00 lbs


TEETH: 100


GRIND: ATAF Alternate Top Alternate Face


KERF: .134

MAX RPM: 5000

APPLICATION: General plastic cutting with Table, or Miter saws.

MATERIAL: Plastics



Tenryu Pro Saw Blades for Plastic PRP-305100CB. 12" Dia., 100 Teeth, 1" Arbor, ATAF Grind, .134" Kerf, 5 Degree Rake. Tenryu's best plastic cutting 12" blade.

Laser cut, press-tempered, individually tensioned and chrome-plated bodies allow Tenryu's Pro Series Plastic cutting saw blades to bring the cutting edge to the workpiece with unparalleled precision. Tenyu's Pro series plastic saw blades use fine grain carbide tips with intelligently designed tooth configuration so that each blade does the job right. Like all Tenryu Saw Blades, their Pro series plastic cutting saw blades have their patented resin bond-filled expansion slots to reduce vibration and noise.

Tenryu puts a great deal of care in manufacturing their saw blades to ensure every blade is of the highest quality.