Tytan TYTA-04850 Outdoor & Auto Insulating Foam Sealant (24oz Gun)


TYTAN PRO Outdoor & Auto is an innovative, low-pressure, formula that seals and insulates with a water and airtight seal. It is specifically formulated for outdoor use and is black in color so it won't discolor if exposed to UV radiation. It is resistant to heat and reduces noise pollution in Autos. It may be used in extreme temperatures from -4°F-100°F but the can temperature must remain at 41°F-86°F. The black color blends in with black undercarriages and auto wiring and pipes. Its watertight seal is perfect for Koi Ponds or waterfalls and it is safe to be used around Koi Fish. It has premium adhesion abilities to most construction materials including: wood, metal, masonry, glass, and most plastics so outdoor weather conditions and typical auto vibrations won't harm the seal. With TYTAN PRO Outdoor & Auto Insulating Foam Sealant you can Build with Confidence!

How To Use:

  1. Wearing work clothes, gloves, and eye protection is recommended.
  2. Use only with adequate ventilation or approved respiratory equipment.
  3. Clean the surface of oil, dust and greases. For best results, and maximum yield, apply at temperatures 36°F-86°F. Use below 14°F is not recommended. Protect the area being sprayed with tape, cloth, plastic, or other material.
  4. Shake can vigorously for 30-45 seconds. Remove protective cap, invert can, and screw the can firmly onto the TYTAN dispensing gun - do not over tighten. Maintain the can in upside-down, inverted position during application of the foam. Point gun in safe direction and slowly pull trigger to test dispensing flow rate. Adjust control knob on gun handle to achieve the desired application flow. Fill cavities partially as foam will expand- do not overfill. Do not apply into spaces with inadequate moisture and humidity.
  5. Spray water onto uncured foam for better results. 6. You may cut the foam after 40 minutes, cures in 6 hours (40% R.H. at 68°F). Higher humidity and temperatures will speed up curing process. Cured foam can be cut, sanded or painted. Always paint foam that is exposed to UV radiation.

Gun Cleaning: Only use TYTAN Universal Cleaner in well-ventilated areas or with approved respiratory equipment. Use TYTAN Universal Cleaner's spray nozzle to sprayany uncured foam off the end of the gun applicator nozzle into a trash can ora throw away material. Remove the used foam canister from the gun applicator and spray all external uncured foam with TYTAN Universal Cleaner. Screw the TYTAN Universal Cleaner canister onto the gun and spray the cleaner through the gun to clean uncured foam out the inside of the gun barrel. Leave the TYTAN Universal Cleaner canister screwed onto the gun applicator. Tighten the control knob on the guns handle so no air can enter the barrel of the gun. Air entering the barrel of the gun for more than 2-3 minutes will decrease the efficiency and life of your gun.
Foam Clean up: Spray any uncured foam with TYTAN Universal Cleaner and wipe away with a disposable material. You may also use nail polish remover, acetone, or paint thinner for easy clean-up of uncured foam. Cured foam cannot be removed with solvents. Cured foam must be removed mechanically and may leave a residue. Cured foam can be removed from skin using an industrial cleaner with pumice or petroleum jelly. Cured foam will wear away over time and is not harmful to health.
TYTAN Universal Cleaner: For your safety, please follow the instructions provided on the backside of the TYTAN Universal Cleaner label.

Technical Specs:

  • Cutting Time: 40 minutes
  • Fully Cured: 48 Hours
  • Optimal Application Temperatures: 32°F-86°F
  • Minimum Application Temperature: 14°F
  • Shelf Life: 18 Months from production date on bottom of can


Delivery System: Gun

Project Type: Outdoors