Virutex Tools VIR-FC116U Lock Mortiser - CSA Approved

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The lock mortiser machine (FC116U) is specially designed for quick, efficient and precise mortising (lock mortise*) on doors or other elements, either at the work site or in the workshop. With our lock mortiser FC116U carpenters are able to cut a perfect lock mortise in a quick and efficient way in the workshop and on-site and do great renovations on any kind of doors.

*Lock mortise: make a slot on the door to fit the lock.

Lock mortising with a portable tool has many advantages over other available systems on the market. Its more precise and quicker then hand mortising, and on the other hand, it's cheaper and it's portable, if you compare to CNC machinery. Portable lock mortiser is the best solution for any kind of doors.

Its special fixing system allows the door mortise that have already been hung, without damaging the surface. You have to fix a static door? You can’t bring the door to your workshop?

That’s the key of our door lock mortiser, it’s portable! You can install the lock mortise on-site with no need of a workshop.

The mortise lock machine (FC116U) is easy to work with for carpenters and to transport it. You can do big door mortises with our portable lock mortiser machine.

At Virutex we have 60 years of experience and are leaders in machinery and woodworking tools. We were born in Spain and sell our machines and woodworking tools all around the world. We do a quality control of each production step of our manufacturing process.

Its quick measurement adjustment permits multiple mortises to be made in record time. Also, able to work horizontally. For mortising grooved doors or those with overlap, there is an adjustment system to center the machine. Optional bits are low-cost and easily inter-changeable, which keeps the preparation of the FC116U to a minimum when mortising fittings for lock fronts. It comes factory-equipped with tool UT16I, which allows for making quick, precise transverse holes for inserting handles and other parts. Equipped from factory with hard metal lock mortiser bit Ø 1”, locking bar to make mortises on several doors at the same height, rubber protectors for delicate jobs, service keys and dust collector connection.

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  • Double insulation
  • Input power: 1.100 W
  • Max. bit Ø: 1-1/4"
  • Max. mortising depth: 0-5"
  • Max. mortising length: 7" + Ø cutter
  • Max. clamp vise opening: 7-1/2"
  • No-load speed: 23.000/min
  • FC116U accepts 1/4-28 thread mortising bits 

Standard equipment:

  • Equipped from factory with carbide lock mortiser bit 1", locking bar to make mortises on several doors at the same height, rubber protectors for delicate jobs, UT16I, service keys and dust collector connection.