Wera Tools WERA-05022210001 950/9 Hex-Plus Multicolour HF 1 L-key set, metric, BlackLaser, with holding function



950 SPKL Multicolour

  • 05022600001 1 x 1,5 x 90 mm
  • 05022602001 1 x 2 x 101 mm
  • 05022604001 1 x 2,5 x 112 mm

950 SPKL HF Multicolour

  • 05022200001 1 x 3 x 123 mm
  • 05022201001 1 x 4 x 137 mm
  • 05022202001 1 x 5 x 154 mm
  • 05022203001 1 x 6 x 172 mm
  • 05022204001 1 x 8 x 195 mm
  • 05022205001 1 x 10 x 224 mm


  • Hex-Plus allows socket head screws to live longer
  • L-keys with retaining function for hexagon socket screws
  • Hexagonal ballpoint on the long arm
  • Take it easy tool finder with colour coding according to sizes
  • Colour coded, easy-to-grip plastic sleeve, even at low temperatures

High quality L-key set with colour coded, convenient plastic sleeve. This ensures that the tool is quickly to hand and the ergonomic and pleasant handle is easy on the hands even at low temperatures. The wear-resistant clip material ensures secure storage of the L-keys as well as simple removal. The Hex-Plus profile offers a greater contact surface in the head of the screw. The notching effect is therefore reduced to a minimum and damage to the screw head more or less eliminated. The ballpoint on the long arm allows dependable working even in difficult installation situations. The holding function holds screws securely on the tool. The BlackLaser surface treatment provides outstanding surface protection, even against corrosion, and a long service life. Laser-engraved and thereby wear-resistant size markings on the L-keys for rapid accessing.

We questioned the classic L-key design, since all too often the screw head recess is rounded out, meaning screws can no longer be tightened or loosened – and so the user finds the L-key slipping out of the recess. Wera Hex-Plus tools have a larger contact surface in the screw head. The notching effects are reduced and thereby the deformation of the screws. At the same time, as much as 20 % more torque can be applied.

  • With retaining function on long arm
    • The clamping of the screw is achieved by a flexible locking ball. The holding function is especially helpful in confined, hard-to-reach spaces, where there is no room for a second hand to sec
  • Hex-plus
    • Hexagon screws can endure a problem because the contact surfaces delivering the power from the conventional tool, is transferred to the screw via very small surface areas. The consequence: the screw can become damaged (rounding out). Hex-Plus tools have a greater contact surface that prevents this from happening! At the same time, as much as 20 % more torque can be applied. Good to know: HexPlus tools fit into every standard hexagon socket screw!
  • Ball tip
    • The spherical drive profile means that it is possible to swivel the axis of the tool to that of the screw, and therefore enable angled, “around-the-corner" screwdriving jobs.
  • L-keys with a thermoplastic sleeve
    • L-keys made from circular material fit into the hand better and allow less strenuous work over a longer period. Additionally, the rubber sleeve provides a pleasant grip, particularly in applications at low temperatures. Colour coding and large stamp enable the desired Lkey to be easily located. Moreover, the round material keys are more robust, particularly where smaller sizes are concerned.
  • Secure hold and easy removal
    • The wear-resistant clip material ensures that the L-keys are securely held yet are easy to remove.
  • "Take it easy" tool finder system
    • "Take it easy" tool finder system - with profile and size colour-coding for quick and easy tool selection. Colour-coded system for hexagon drive screws (L-Keys, Zyklop bit sockets), external hex drive screws and nuts (Joker wrenches, Zyklop sockets and Zyklop bit sockets with holding function), and TORX® drive screws (L-Keys, Zyklop bit sockets).