Wera Tools WERA-05130002001 881/4/1 SB Bit Holder With Variable Screw Depth Limitation (3-Pieces)


For patio construction, the screws should be countersunk to be evenly flush with the decking. The 881/4/1 bit holder with variable screw depth limitation and felt ring allows for a uniform depth and protects the surface from brush marks. Two spare felt rings included.


  • Bit holder for evenly flush countersunk screws in patio construction
  • With adjustable screw depth limitation
  • Felt ring (exchangeable) prevents brush marks on decking
  • Included: 2 spare felt rings


  • (1) 881/4/1 Bit holder with variable screw depth limitation, 1/4" x 90 mm
  • (2) 9201 Felt ring for 881/4/1, 27 mm

Evenly flush countersinking of screws

The 881/4/1 bit holder allows for evenly flush countersinking of screws in decking when building patios. The screw depth can be adjusted as required. This prevents screws from being countersunk too deep.

Avoids damage caused by rot

The screw head is evenly flush with the decking, therefore so-called "water nests", which usually lead to rot, are avoided.

Individual screw depth

The required screw depth is set using the counter thread.

Bit mounting with retaining ring

Proven holder design, optimal fitting of the tool in the holder. Particularly robust for series applications.

Surface protection

The exchangeable felt ring in the front of the bit mounting prevents brush marks on patio decking.

Spare felt rings

The 881/4/1 bit holder is supplied with 2 spare felt rings. A spare parts kit with 5 felt rings can be ordered with the code number 05130003001.