Wera Tools WERA-05134011001 2go H 1 Carpenter Tool Set For Wood Applications (134-Pieces)



  • Extensive 134-piece tool set in compact Wera 2go tool container for carpenters on the go
  • Premium brand tools by Wera, BESSEY, "KIRSCHEN", KNIPEX, Lyra, PICARD and Stabila
  • Wera Kraftform Kompakt H 1 Wood (41-piece set) and Wera Bit-Safe 61 Wood 1 (61-piece set)
  • 393 S extra slim bit hand holder with flexible shaft for applications in hard-to-reach work spaces
  • Wera L-key with holding function: 967/9 TX XL Multicolour HF 1 (9-piece set) and 950/9 Hex-Plus Multicolour HF 1 (9-piece set)

Compact tool set with the 134 most important tools for woodwork with products by Wera, BESSEY, "KIRSCHEN", KNIPEX, Lyra, PICARD and Stabila. Mobility is made considerably easy thanks to the compact tool container from the Wera 2go system.


  • Wera 2go 2 Tool Container, 3 pieces: 05004351001 1x 3 pieces
  • Bit-Safe 61 Wood 1, 61 pieces: 1x 61 pieces
  • Kraftform Kompakt H 1 Woodcraft, 41 pieces: 051359390011 1x 41 pieces
  • 967/9 TX XL Multicolour HF 1 L-key set with holding function, long, 9 pieces: 05024470001 1x 9 pieces
  • 950/9 Hex-Plus Multicolour HF 1 L-key set, metric, BlackLaser, with holding function, 9 pieces: 05022210001 1x 9 pieces
  • 393 S Bitholding screwdriver extra slim with flexible shaft, 1/4" x 173.5 mm: 05028161001 1x 1/4" x 173.5 mm
  • 1x KNIPEX Water pump pliers COBRA 250mm 87 11 250
  • 1x KNIPEX Combination pliers 160mm 03 01 160
  • 1x KNIPEX Carpenters' pincers 210mm 50 00 210
  • 1x Stabila Spirit level type 81 25cm 02500 Torpedo
  • 1x Carpenter's mallet 105mm 52-1 P
  • 1x "KIRSCHEN" Chisel 10mm 1001010
  • 1x "KIRSCHEN" Chisel 16mm 1001016
  • 1x "KIRSCHEN" Chisel 20mm 1001020
  • 1x "KIRSCHEN" Chisel 26mm 1001026
  • 1x BESSEY blades DBKPH-EU flick knife
  • 1x Lyra Construction marker DRY PROFI 4494202
  • 1x Stabila Wooden folding meter type 601 N-S 2m 18206
  • 1x Picard Joiner's hammer 400g, French shape 0008501-28

Wera 2go 2 – The outside and inside packer

Wera 2go Tool Container with inner and outer hook and loop fastener system Individually configurable for greater mobility Ideal also for the docking of Wera textile boxes and pouches equipped with hook and loop fastener zones Easy insertion and removal Hands remain free during transport.

L-keys with retaining function for hexagon socket screws

The clamping of the screw is achieved by a flexible locking ball. The holding function is especially helpful in confined, hard-to-reach spaces, where there is no room for a second hand to secure the screw on the tool. 


Hexagon screws can endure a problem because the contact surfaces delivering the power from the conventional tool, is transferred to the screw via very small surface areas. The consequence: the screw can become damaged (rounding out). Hex-Plus tools have a greater contact surface that prevents this from happening! At the same time, as much as 20 % more torque can be applied. Good to know: HexPlus tools fit into every standard hexagon socket screw! 

TORX HF profile

In tight assembly or disassembly situations, for example in engine compartments, it is not possible to securely hold the screw with the hand on the screwdriver, and the screw subsequently often gets lost. Lengthy searches or the loss of the screw (with the associated danger that could bring about) are the consequence. The HF tools developed by Wera are ideal because they feature an optimized geometry of the original TORX profile. The wedging forces resulting from the surface pressure between the drive tip and the screw profile mean that the screw is securely held on the tool!

L-keys with a thermoplastic sleeve

L-keys with a thermoplastic sleeve are manufactured out of easy-togrip, circular material. The sleeve ensures that work is safe and comfortable even at low temperatures. High corrosion protection features thanks to the special BlackLaser surface treatment. Colour coding and large stamp to enable the desired L-key to be easily located. 

Flexible shaft

Around the corner screwdriving with the 393 S screwdriver. The flexible shaft allows to reach fixing screws in unfavourable positions. The ideal tool for srewdriving situations that are difficult to reach. 

Slim bit holder 393 S

The particularly slim bit holder allows working in very tight work spaces.