Wiha WIHA-32480 13pc SpeedE SET W/ Slimline


The SpeedE ELECTRIC 13 Piece Insulated Screwdriver Set provides an excellent all-in-one electric screwdriver fit for tradesmen and service professionals alike. The combination of assets including the SpeedE Handle and Insulated SlimLine Blades provide unparalleled protection, control and efficiency within the field. Additionally, all of this comes packaged within a storage unit that is compact, durable and lightweight, a perfect compartment to store and carry the provided screwdriver and accessories.
The rechargeable adapter and batteries ensure you're never without the opportunity to recharge and return to work, its economical design ensuring ease of transport and use. Finally, the battery charger uses a USB connector to initiate contact, with indicators signaling whether the Li-Ion batteries are charging (Red), or fully charged (Green).

Additional Features:

  • Insulated SlimLine Blades, 1000 Volt Rated, 10,000 Volt Tested
  • SlimLine Blades, 33% narrower insulation diameter then standard insulated tools
  • SpeedE Handle, electric fastening with protective functions to prevent damage to materials (max. 0.4 Nm = 3.5 in/lbs.)
  • One speed rotation for maximum of 4.0 Nm torque to assist with screw fastening
  • Speede handle has special fiber glass reinforced material for maximum strength, durability & drop performance
  • SpeedE handle with ring switch, turn the ring clockwise or counter clockwise to determine loosening or tightening of the screw


  • SpeedE Electric Handle 0.4 Nm
  • 110 Volt Adapter Plug
  • Li-Ion Battery Charger
  • 2 Replaceable Batteries in L-Boxx Mini Storage Solution
  • 8 SlimLine Blades:
  • Slotted 3.5mm
  • Slotted 5.5mm
  • Phillips #1
  • Phillips #2
  • Square #1
  • Square #2
  • Terminal Xeno SI/Ph #1
  • Terminal Xeno SI/Ph #2


  • Type: SpeedE ELECTRIC 13 Piece Insulated Screwdriver Set
  • Size: Packaging Height/Width/Length: 2.625 x 10.25 x 6.125
  • Finish: Fiberglass Reinforced Handle, Insulated SlimLine Blades
  • Overall Length: Length: 3.5in / Weight: 2.14lb