JessEm Tool Co. JES-02202 Mast-R-Lift Excel II Phenolic Top


The Ultimate router Table Top and Lift Combo

Redesigning the Mast-R-Lift Excel has been top priority here at JessEm. The Mast-R-Lift Excel is our top of the line table and if we were going to redesign it there was a lot to live up to. The new Mast-R-Lift Excel II lives up to the name and is a product we are very proud to introduce. We have added many great features to the Excel we knew our customers would want.

In 1999, JessEm Tool invented the Rout-R- Lift. This innovation created a whole new category for the woodworker and in November 2009 was credited in an article by Wood Magazine as one of the top 25 innovations in Woodworking in the past 25 years. This was a very flattering compliment to our efforts and reinforces to us why we need to ensure we continue to build the best Lifts on the market. Our new Mast-R-Lift Excel II is a router table truly in a league of it's own and we believe is the best router table solution currently for sale on the market.

The Mast-R-Lift Excel II is JessEm's top of the line Router Table. There are many great features added to this Excel that our customers wanted. They added double sealed bearings to the lift spindle, 6 double sealed bearings to the height adjustment mechanism (actuated through 2 gear boxes) and 3 double sealed bearings to the Cam Lock. This will provide you with a lifetime of use, even with the heaviest routers on the market, your Excel II will be able to raise and lower with ease.

All of JessEm's Lifts have the patented feature of adding tension to the threaded spindle which will remove any backlash while still adding some resistance to the rotation to the thread. This removes any vibration from the thread clearance and also prevents the spindle from moving and changing your setting while routing. This feature is included on their Mast-R-Lift Excel II as well. They wanted to go one step further with the Excel II, so they added a dedicated looking mechanism for heavy duty long term routing operations. Now, not only do you have the patented tensioning feature but they also have added a cam lock that is accessible from the same location as the crank handle. A simple twist ensures your Excel II is locked securely in place, giving you more confidence that the height is set and locked. 

The Shafts on the Mast-R-Lift Excel II, like all of JessEm's Router Lifts are pressed into a shaft mount with hydraulic pressure. By pressing the shafts into a larger diameter mount they are able to attach the shafts to the top plate and fasten in place with more than one screw. This spreads the lateral load and provides a very rigid and durable mount that will withstand the toughest routing operations. All the machined components on the Mast-R-Lift Excel II including the phenolic table top are machined on one of our CNC mills at JessEm's Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada location. All of the aluminum non wear components on the lift are anodized for appearance, corrosion resistance and some wear resistance.

The underside is pre-drilled for their TA fence, Mast-R-Fence II, Mast-R-Fence III, Rout-R-Table Stand and ALTS Stand.

Table top measurements: 24" x 32" - 3/4" thick.