Templaco Tools Inc TEM-LRB-2 1/2"Diameter x 1/2" Shank 5-1/2"OAL 2-1/2" Cutter Length

Extra Long 5-1/2” with a 1/2” Shank, Straight Double Flute Bit. Two carbide tips added for superior cutting quality and endurance. Overall length of this bit is 5-1/2” with two 2-1/2" long carbide cutting surfaces. This is not a plunge type router bit and requires that a pilot hole be drilled first. Be sure to wear eye protection when using this cutter or using any power tools. All Templaco straight router bits are built with 'Micro-Grain' carbide and have a radial relief grind that makes for a stronger more durable cutting edge than a flat grind. We guarantee the quality and the size of the cut and when you combine this bit with any Templaco Router Template, your mortises will be perfect every time.