AtMac ATL-AFP AtMac Countersink With No Mar- Depth Stop

$19.97 - $39.99

AtMac countersinks are manufactured with top quality carbide, making it extra hard and ultra sharp.


  • Featuring a free spinning adjustable depth stop and a no-mar tip on the Centrotec system, makes this a unique and vital accessory for your Festool arsenal.
  • The no-mar tip is made of Delrin, which is an engineered thermoplastic used in precision parts requiring high stiffness, low friction, and excellent dimensional stability.
  • Available in most standard imperial sizes (see drop-down menu for availability).
  • Avoid cracked wood in your high end joinery applications, pre-drill and countersink before driving a screw.
  • The Centrotec shank is designed for use with the Festool Centrotec System, as well as with all standard or keyless chucks for no-slip performance.
  • The Centrotec System was designed to provide a seamless transfer of force, eliminating bit slippage or marring of the drill bit.
  • Each bit comes with a double sided hex key, to adjust the depth, and to adjust or change the pilot bit.