Dimar DIM-FORST-6 1/4in Forstner Bit


Super Forstner Bits
European Quality bits -Premium steel, Made in Germany Newly designed cutting head- drills faster, cuts cleaner and lasts longer.
Used for- flat bottom, mortising, angled holes and drilling on a void.


  • Forstner bits are machined from high-carbon steel
  • Better cutting performance due to new cutter geometry
  • Less power required at higher boring speeds
  • Reduced friction, longer service life
  • Better chip flow, due to new shape of the chip groove


  • Bores flat bottom or thru holes
  • Bores clean holes in thin stock, veneers or end grains
  • Makes pilot holes for rabbeting, mortising and grooving
  • Guided by its circular rim, the Forstner bit will cut cleaning without deflection by grain or knot