Dimar DIM-SC46DC 1/4in Carbide Spiral Bit 1/4 X 1in Down Cut


Dimar's Straight bits are perfect for cutting narrow grooves and channels, such as drawer bottoms. This bit was designed for high production work with maximum chip clearance for fast feed rates. Newly developed line of superior quality solid carbide bits to rout difficult to cut materials particularly in small diameter suitable for wood composites and thin laminated materials, rigid plastics such as acrylics, PVC and nylon.


  • Perfect for vertical and gradual plunging.
  • Cuts most composite materials, plywood, hardwoods, softwoods, laminates, acrylics, PVC, and nylon.
  • Use on CNC, Hand-held routers, and table-mounted portable routers.


  • Diameter (D) 1/4in
  • Number of Cutters 2
  • Shank (d) 1/4in
  • Cutting Length (B) 1in
  • Overall Length (L) 2 1/2in