Mirka Abrasives MIR-HB-39KIT 3" x 9" Kit Handy Vacuum Sanding Block


The Mirka Abranet Handy 80 x 230mm Kit is Mirka's latest dust free sanding innovation. Connect the Mirka Handy sanding tool via the hose supplied in the kit to a commercial vacuum machine (Henry type or better) and start sanding virtually dust free!

The 80mm x 230mm Handy tool has been designed for large surface sanding without the risk of tilting over when used. It has 55 dust extraction holes in its base and when used with the Abranet Eco Strips supplied in the kit, Abranet Hose and a Dust Extraction Machine, it creates an environment which is virtually dust free!

The Mirka Abranet Handy Kit contains:
1x Mirka Handy 80 x 230mm hand sanding tool
1x Mirka Abranet Eco 80 x 230mm P80 strip
3x Mirka Abranet Eco 80 x 230mm P120 strip
1x Mirka Abranet Eco 80 x 230mm P180 strip
1x Mirka Abranet 4m Hose

The Mirka Handy compliments the comprehensive range of Mirka Abranet hand tools, power tools and accessories currently available, leading the way to a healthier working environment.