Makita MAK-A-94530 7-1/4in x 24T M-Force Blade Black


The Makita 7-1/4 in. 24T Ultra-Coated Framing Blade is ideal for a full range of wood cutting applications. The ultra-coated blade resists pitch build-up, and the high-grade fine-grain Tungsten Carbide tips are engineered for improved durability and longer blade life. Makita's exclusive M-shaped blade tooth has two cutting points, so it delivers the cutting speed of a 24-tooth blade, but with the finish of a 48-tooth blade.


  • Exclusive Two-pointed Tooth Design Provides Twice The Cutting Surface
  • Special Vent Design Reduces Heat And Prevents Warping
  • Made In Japan
  • Ultra Coated To Slide Through Treated Lumber -
  • Exclusive Tooth Configuration Cuts Faster,
  • Cleaner And Lasts Longer Than Traditional Blades.
  • Dual Beveled Tooth Face Has Two 10 Degree Angles Creating A More Aggressive Cut.
  • M Shaped Tooth Has Two Cutting Points To Provide Speed Of A 24 Tooth With The Finish Of A 48 Tooth.
  • Greater Ware Area An More Cutting Tips Increase The Life Up To 2x Longer Than A Traditional Framing Blade