Bessey BES-D29ASSL-2 10in Shape & Straight Cutting Snips - Left


High grade steel cutting blades with compact cutting head for high maneuverability. Use 25% less effort with the optimized leverage. Right or left cutting versions available. HRC up to 61.

Soft touch plastic handles and finely serrated cutting blades minimizes pressure in palms.

Drop forged, fully heat treated cutting head designed to German standards.

Optimized combination of blade design and leverage requires 25% less effort than most other compound snips.

Compact cutter head for maximum maneuverability

With offset cutting heads these snips are ideal for long curved and straight through cuts on large sheets of metal.


  • High grade steel cutting blades – HRC up to 61
  • Optimized leverage ratio – 25 % less effort
  • Compact cutter head
  • Right or left cutting versions


  • Overall length: 10-1/4in
  • Blade length: 1-7/8in
  • Cutting capacity: 18 Gauge
  • Weight approx.: 1.16 lbs