Bessey BES-KRE35 Parallel K-Body Clamp

$64.00 - $103.00

BESSEY's K Body REVOlution parallel bar clamp has been redesigned to provide you with easier and more powerful clamping force than their previous model -- up to 1700 lbs! The new and improved operating jaw stays where you put it for easier set up; simply position the jaw where you want it and apply desired clamping force. Another new feature of this clamp is the steel socket running through the ergonomic handle that is designed to receive a hex key or driver on its end to provide more clamping force if desired (max torque 17Nm). Additionally, the jaws, which are designed to clamp at a 90° angle to the rail, provide a larger clamping surfaces than in the previous model and come with three removable pressure caps that are glue-, paint-, and solvent-resistant. Two adjustable and removable work-piece supports on the bar prevent any contact between the bar and your project.

The K Body REVOlution is easy to operate! To close and clamp your work-piece, tilt the handle down toward the rail, slide the jaw toward your work-piece, and tighten. Once positioned, the operating jaw will stay in place and provide you the clamping power you need, right where you need it. To remove the clamp, release the clamping pressure, and then simply pivot the handle up and away from the rail to slide the jaw away. Need a spreader? Simply remove the rail end clip, slide off the operating jaw and slide it back into the bar in the reverse position to give spreading support to your project, no tools required!

To maximize the potential of this clamp, consider purchasing the optional pivoting jaws (KR-AS) for your tapered work-piece clamping needs, and/or Bessey's framing blocks (KP Blocks) that, with four clamps, allow you to apply even clamping force at all four corners of your work-piece!