JessEm Tool Co. JES-04215 Clear-Cut Stock Guides

JES-02202, JES-05100

Feather boards are a great tool for holding your stock and preventing kickback, but they do have their limitations. Now there is an option with no limitations.

Introducing the Clear-Cut Stock Guides!

The unique guide roller on the stock guides are mounted on a 5 degree angle effectively steering your stock toward the fence. Your stock is pulled tightly to the fence and the grip force of the urethane rollers holds it in position.

Clear Cut Stock Guides operate on the same principle as a stock feeder in that the stock is guided at a slight angle as it is fed forward.

With the Stock being guided at a slight angle toward the fence it is critical they do not rotate in the outfeed direction, especially if you are cutting a dado or other matching with the board.

This would feed the stock unwantedly into the cutter. To prevent this and any kickback each roller is fitted with a one way feed roller bearing. This ensures each roller spins in the direction of feed.