Coilhose 15CBG4F-DPB CoBlo Coupler Blow Gun

SAVE: $5.00

CoBlo Coupler Blow Gun, 1/4" Industrial, 1/4" FPT

A Blow Gun on Every Hose!

Our newest product, the Coilhose CoBlo is a combination quick coupling and blow gun in one! This convenient unit is perfect for metalworking or woodworking operations, which often produce shavings or sawdust making it difficult to view the work surface. A quick burst or two from the CoBlo™ allows the operator to get back to work quickly and easily without having to disconnect the tool, connect a dedicated blowgun and then reconnect the tool. 

The CoBlo can be used with an air tool connected or disconnected and is currently available in our most popular 1/4-inch Industrial, Automotive, Megaflow and ARO Interchanges. 

  • Already on your hose and ready to use
  • Easy push button trigger
  • Works with tool connected or disconnected
  • Max working pressure: 120 psi
  • 1/4" Industrial with 1/4" female NPT