Crescent CRES-DKB446X 44IN Indexing Deck Removal Bull Bar

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Everyone can count on the Bull Bar from Crescent for all of their deck projects. Unlike similar tools, the innovative 180º indexing head changes positions, allowing the user to easily select the best angle for maximum leverage and access. The Bull Bar has a double fork design with teeth that grip the edge of the board, decreasing slippage and providing a balanced lift on both sides of the nail. Closed positions offer fast action for shorter pulls. Open positions allow for powerful downward force on large planks and are an ideal solution for ground-level work. Additionally, a robust center nail puller will remove ring shank nails and stubborn long nails with better balance and increased leverage.


  • Double fork design provides balanced lift on both sides of the nail for faster, cleaner, lower-effort board removal
  • Rugged indexing joint allows for maximum flexibility and increased leverage
  • Precision tips designed for fast access between boards and reduced damage for reclaiming materials