Dentec DEN-15F158T20DN5CAM N95 Organic Vapour Prefilters


N95 Cartridge Assembly, Organic Vapor Cartridge with N95 Prefilters and Retainers in Clamshell Packaging, (box of 6)


  • Replace your N95 Cartridge Assembly, featuring Organic Vapor Cartridge, N95 Prefilters and Retainers, all conveniently packed in a Clamshell.
  • Our innovative Saf-Twist design enables a swift attachment to any Dentec Safety half-mask or full-face air-purifying respirator Facepiece, enhancing visibility while accommodating face shields or welding helmets.
  • Furthermore, the offset connector provides three rotational positions, optimizing visibility without interfering with the use of face shields or welding helmets.
  • Upgrade to our superior cartridge system for top-notch performance and ease of use.