Diamondback Toolbelts DBT-DB2-35 Axe Pouch


3 pockets, 9 tool slots, 1 tool loop 

We sought out some of the best drywallers in the industry to help us design the Axe. Compact and low profile, the Axe has ample space to carry your essential drywall tools, plus enough room for fasteners too! 

The main pocket features 6 internal tool slots sized differently for a number of different tools. The Axe features an outer pocket with a vented bottom for drywall rasps so grit does not pile up in the bottom of the pocket. The Easy-Release Tape Pocket has a built-in 4-slot Bit index.

Additional Features: 

Easy-Release Tape Pocket, 4-slot Bit Index, Vented Outer Pocket 

Hammer holster and flat bar holster compatible