EGO Power EGO-AST2000 Handheld Blower Short Tube Attachment


The EGO Handheld Blower Short Tube Attachment is a compact, 7.5-inch tube that quickly and easily attaches to EGO POWER+ blowers for improved control. It includes a protective rubber sleeve that makes the blower short tube attachment ideal for car detailing. This attachment is compatible with EGO Tapered Nozzle AN7650R and Spread Nozzle AN7650S for added versatility.


  • Compact 7.5-inch length improves blower control
  • Quick and easy assembly
  • Includes protective rubber sleeve ideal for car detailing
  • Compatible with tapered nozzle AN7650R and spread nozzle AN7650S
  • Compatible with LB5300/LB5300-FC, LB5750/LB5750-FC, LB5800/LB5800-FC, LB6150/LB6150-FC, LB6500/LB6500-FC, LB6700/LB6700-FC, LB7650/LB7650-FC