EGO Power EGO-MSS1203 POWER+ Multi-head Snow Shovel Kit With 4.0ah Battery And 320w Charger


The Snow Shovel Kit is a part of the EGO POWER+ Multi-Head System. Directional control of its up to 25-foot throwing distance makes it unlike any other cordless snow shovel on the market. The electric snow shovel attachment cleans a 12-inch-wide path, making it great for snow removal on sidewalks, driveways, and decks. Clear 6 inches of snow on a 4-car driveway with the included 56V 4.0Ah ARC Lithium™ battery. This electric shovel features an innovative overload protection system that temporarily disengages auger rotation under extreme load and unexpected jams to prevent damage to the motor and electronics. The Power Head is compatible with all EGO Multi-Head attachments so you have the flexibility with the system. Equipped with a high-efficiency brushless motor, variable speed trigger, two-speed selector, and lock off switch for added safety. This combo kit includes the electric Snow Shovel Attachment, Power Head, 56V 4.0Ah ARC Lithium battery, and 320W charger. Experience Power Beyond Belief without the noise, fuss, and fumes. 


  • Throws snow up to 25 feet with directional control
  • Clears a 4-car driveway with 6 inches of snow on a single charge with the included 4.0Ah ARC Lithium™ battery
  • Overload protection clutch releases auger rotation to prevent damage to motor and electronics
  • High-efficiency brushless motor delivers long run times, low vibrations, and an extended motor life
  • Variable speed trigger and two-speed selector
  • IPX4-rated weather-resistant construction
  • Snow Shovel Attachment compatible with EGO POWER+ Multi-Head System Power Heads (PH1400, PH1420)
  • 5-year tool warranty, 3-year battery warranty 


  • Power Head (PH1400)
  • Snow Shovel Attachment (SSA1200)
  • 56V 4.0Ah battery (BA2242T)
  • 320W charger (CH3200)