EGO Power EGO-PSA1020 Carbon Fiber Multi-Head Pole Saw Attachment


The 25 cm long pole pruner attachment for the EGO Power+ multifunctional tool allows you to cut high branches without a ladder, thereby reducing the risk of accidents during daily work. With the 25 cm long sword and a chain speed of 15 m/s you can keep your fruit trees in good condition.

You can quickly work your way through the branches without sacrificing torque. There is an automatic lubrication system on the pole pruner with an oil container (220 ml) so that the chain continues to run unhindered. Like all EGO products, this one causes less vibration and noise.

So it is more beneficial for the safety and health of the user as well as for the environment. In addition, EGO devices are lighter and easier to use. The multifunctional unit can be worn with a practical single or double shoulder strap (optional) and ensures maximum comfort.