Festool FES-202055 Underframe UG UG-KA-KS 60 Set


More mobile with the base frame

The base frame for the KSC 60 is a stand and a transport frame in one – for even easier transportation of the KAPEX KSC 60. It takes the KAPEX KSC 60 up to a working height that is easier on the back and can be set up quickly and easily using a cleverly designed folding mechanism. The additional KA-UG-R and KA-UG-L trimming attachment enables precise working with the extension arm up to a cutting length of 7.8' (2.4 meters)(equipped with metric scales). The KAPEX KSC 60 is assembled on the base frame using the UG-AD-KS 60 adapter plate. This also has an integrated saw blade holder for storing an additional saw blade.


  • Convenient working platform and transport around the shop or on the job site
  • Self-contained folding design for transport
  • consisting of KA-UG-L and KA-UG-R trimming attachments and KS 60 UG-KAPEX underframe


  • Supports the Kapex at an ergonomic work height
  • Conveniently move around on the job site thanks to KAPEX underframe


  • Underframe
  • KA-UG-KS R/L trimming attachment