Festool FES-203802 Mobile Workshop MW 1000


Turn any jobsite into your workshop. The mobile workshop.


  • Effortless transportation between workshop, vehicle, and jobsite. Thanks to its low weight, compact dimensions, and ability to maneuver stairs, you are immediately ready for on-site use – without time-consuming setup.
  • Seamless integration to the Festool world where everything works together. The MW 1000 is compatible with all accessories for the MFT multifunction table including guide rail supports, parallel guides, quick clamps, and more.
  • Create a movable, customizable workshop anywhere you need it. Efficiently organize and store your tools, accessories, and hand tools on any jobsite.
  • Assembling, transporting, working – all in one!
  • The mobile workshop perfectly combines the existing "Organization and transport systems" with "Semi-stationary work". The all-in-one system solution comprises a flexible worktop and safe storage for machines/hand tools/accessories and offers everything required for mobile working on the construction site.
  • Organization and transport systems Semi-stationary work
  • SYS-Cart roll board for quick transportation of SYSTAINERs and SYS roller with roll board and hand cart function.
  • MFT 3 multifunction table and suitable accessories (clamping elements, quick clamps, and screw clamps) enable precise processing of workpieces in a wide variety of shapes and sizes.
  • Turn any jobsite into your workshop. The mobile workshop.