Festool FES-577748 Plunge-Cut Saw With Scoring Function TSV 60 KEB-F-Plus-FS


Since 1980, Festool track saws have been known for their reliable quality and absolute precision. Our objective: The perfect cut. With the TSV 60 K plunge-cut saw with scoring blade, we have achieved exactly that. Splinter-free cuts on both sides now from the very first cut. Coupled with the built-in Kickback Stop, which stops the blade in the blink of an eye not only protects your workpiece but also helps to minimize the risk of injury to your hands. Get the most from the saw with the ideal combination of Festool system accessories, your work can always be precise and customized to your standards, in the shop or on the jobsite. With the TSV 60 K, workshop-quality results can be replicated on the jobsite – as good as with a stationary machine.


  • Splinter-free: The scoring blades ensures splinter-free cuts on both sides from the very first cut
  • Long-lasting: Diamond scoring saw blade with very long service life for perfect cut quality time after time
  • Saw system: comprehensive system with ideal accessories for perfect panel cutting
  • Peace-of-mind: the unique Kickback Stop helps to reduce the risk of injury caused by kickback during sawing or plunge-cutting into the workpiece
  • Versatile: 2-3/8in (60 mm) cutting depth and can be combined with the FSK cross cutting guide rail or FS guide rail
  • Perfect bevels: scoring blade matches the angle even on bevel cuts from 0° to 45°
  • Flexible: Both the scoring saw blade and the main saw blade can be manually activated and deactivated
  • Convenient: The FastFix spindle stop on the main saw blade and the possibility of standing it on its side make changing the saw blade very simple, even with the scoring saw blade
  • Constant: EC-TEC motor in combination with the thin kerf saw blades ensures constant and consistent power for perfect cuts


  • 75in Guide Rail FS 1900
  • allen key 4
  • hex key 5mm
  • scoring saw blade DIA 47 x 2.5 x 6.35 T1
  • sight window
  • Systainer SYS3 M 437
  • Wood fine cut HW 168 x 1.8 x 20 WD42 circular saw blade


  • Splinter-free cutting of plywood, chipboard, specially veneered and plastic-coated panels
  • Splinter-free cutting of HPL compact panels
  • Precise plunge cuts in materials up to 2-3/8in (60 mm) thick
  • Perfect, splinter-free cutting to length of interior doors
  • Cutting recesses in doors and kitchen countertops
  • Cross cuts with the FSK cross cutting guide rail (floor and façade panels)