Festool FES-768023 Diamond disc DIA THERMO-D130 PREMIUM


The quick way to the best results.
The DIA Thermo Premium D130 diamond disc for the RG 130 is particularly well suited for materials that are difficult to sand off, which smear when sanding due to heat. Due to the arrangement of the diamonds, the material is scraped rather than sanded, and the disc consequently cannot get clogged – very fast removal can be achieved. The quick way to the best results.

  • Sands with thermoelastic coatings – no clogging of the disc, no adherence
  • Long service life thanks to extremely high-quality and temperature-resistant diamonds
  • Easy disc replacement in just a few steps
  • For removing thermoelastic materials


Main applications
For removing thermoelastic materials on concrete and screed, like flooring adhesive, adhesive residues, bitumen and coatings