Freud FRE-CDD050DIA101F Diablo 5in Diamond Rimmed Cut Off Grinder Wheel/Disc for Metal Cutting


Diablo's new diamond metal cut-off wheels deliver extreme durability, minimal downtime and increased productivity.

These diamond rimmed wheels deliver 100X longer cutting life versus a standard bonded cut-off disc in some of the most intense metal cutting situations.

The wheel's long lasting durability maximizes cutting even in extreme applications such as rebar, angle iron, cast iron and steel bar.

Diablo's diamond metal cut-off wheels not only provide long lasting cutting life, durability and control, but they also allow for a safer cutting experience.


  • Diamond rimmed wheels deliver up to 100X longer cutting life and durability when compared to one standard bonded cut-off disc
  • Advanced Electro-Plating Process for even distribution of diamond abrasive cutting edge
  • Maintains cutting diameter for consistent cutting results
  • Diamond technology is safer to use versus bonded discs by providing more control, less sparks and less dust
  • Diamond wheels do not shatter or break when dropped
  • Ideal for cutting rebar, angle iron, cast iron and steel bar
  • For use on angle grinders with a max RPM of 12,200
  • 7/8 -inch arbor
  • Available in four different sizes: 4-1/2 -inch, 5 -inch, 6 -inch and 7 -inch