Freud FRE-D053818WMX Diablo 5-3/8in X 18 Tooth Fast Framing Saw Blade


Diablo’s fast framing saw blades produce accurate, smooth cuts on framing materials without bogging down your cordless saw’s battery.

This 20mm arbor saw blade includes three additional bushings that allow your blade to also fit on 1/2, 5/8in or 10mm arbor saws.

These blades feature Diablo made TiCo Hi-Density Carbide engineered exclusively to maximize life, performance and durability in wood cutting applications.

The thin kerf body minimizes material removal and requires less cutting power, delivering fast, clean rips and cuts.


  • Diablo made TiCo Hi-Density Carbide specifically designed for framing applications to provide maximum performance and life
  • Advanced laser cut thin kerf blade gives extremely fast, effortless cuts in cordless saws
  • Laser-cut stabilizer vents trap noise and vibration keeping the blade cool and reducing blade warp
  • Non-stick Perma-Shield Coating reduces gumming, rusting, and corrosion
  • Optimized for 1/2, 5/8in, 10mm and 20mm cordless saws
  • Compatible with Skil (5/8 & 1/2in arbors), Makita (5/8in arbor), Milwaukee (10mm arbor) and DeWalt (10mm arbor)
  • Ideal for hardwoods, softwoods, 2X lumber, pressure-treated lumber, OSB, plywood and laminated beams
  • Diameter 5-3/8in
  • Teeth 18 ATB
  • Arbor 20mm
  • Kerf .049in
  • Hook Angle 18°
  • Plate .039in