Freud FRE-D0624DA Diablo 6-1/2in X 24T Demo-Demon Circular Saw Blade


Specially formulated to deliver superior cutting life and durability, the Demo Demon delivers up to six times the life of standard blades in extreme situations

The blade is designed to provide exceptional performance and impact resistance through its radical new Lock-Tooth design and special Dura-Blend TiCo carbide

Demo Demon's advanced Pyramid Tooth Geometry, a high-performance three-tooth grind sequence, provides superior tracking control for effortless cuts


  • Diablo made Dura-Blend high-performance TiCo Hi-Density carbide for extreme durability and up to 10X longer cutting life
  • Chamber Alternate Top Bevel (ATB) tooth geometry for ultimate tracking control
  • Twice the carbide surface area for greater impact resistance and double the durability in nail-embedded wood
  • Ultra-thin (1.35mm) laser cut thin kerf design provides unmatched ease of feed, accuracy and maximum performance in cordless saws vs. standard 1.8-1.9mm saw blades
  • Extreme cutting efficiency in cordless and corded saws by offering up to 65% more cuts per battery charge versus other blades
  • Lock-Tooth Technology for extreme impact resistance
  • Enhanced anti-vibration design provides the ideal combination of stability and rigidity
  • Perma-Shield non-stick coating protects the blade against heat, gumming and corrosion


  • Diameter 6-1/2in
  • Teeth 24 PYR
  • Arbor 5/8in
  • Kerf .059in
  • Hook Angle 18°
  • Plate .039in