Freud FRE-D0842CF 8in X 42T Steel Saw Blade


Diablo’s Steel Demon Cermet II saw blades are redefining metal cutting, by introducing exclusive innovation for cutting metals and stainless steels with a cordless or corded circular saw.

The specially formulated Cermet II teeth provide high heat tolerance and increased hardness for superior wear and life delivering up to 25X longer life, 50X cooler cuts and 10X faster cuts when compared to standard grinding discs.

Featuring a special Triple Chip Grind and Perma-Shield coating, these blades slice through the toughest of metals to produce precise, burr-free cuts with less sparks.

A controlled cutting action produces larger chip sizes that generates less dust and airborne contaminates.

The ability to cut through both metals and stainless steels eliminates the need for individually dedicated saw blades, offering a one-blade solution for the ultimate metal cutting performance and an unmatched value.


  • Diameter 8in
  • Teeth 42 TCG
  • Arbor 5/8in
  • Kerf .075in
  • Hook Angle 0°
  • Plate .063in