Granberg GBI-G7303 0.404 x 0.063 Ripping Chain

Sold By The Foot, 12" Increments

Granberg ripping saw chain is made up of one set (2) scoring cutters and one set (2) clearing cutters.

While there are many companies that sell chain for milling, no other company offers ripping chain that features our specific modifications to the top plate.

Our process shaves off approximately half of the tooth lengthwise on the first and second cutter links of each 4 link group.

By this method, each tooth takes only 1/4 of the kerf, takes less feeding pressure than conventional chain, cuts faster, smoother, and takes less power than conventional full tooth (cross cut) chain.


  • LOOP = CHAIN. A loop of chain means one length of chain that has been linked together. Ready to use right out of the box!
  • DRIVE LINK COUNT = NUMBER OF TEETH. The teeth are located on the side of the chain that runs in the groove of the bar. Counting the number of teeth helps to determine what length of chain you need