JessEm Tool Co. JES-04500 TA Fence for Router Tables With Jointing Feature


JessEm’s New Precision machined, Router Table Fence. Solid, heavy duty and anodized for durability.


JessEm’s all New TA Router Table Fence is our newest addition to the Router Fence line-up.A uniquely engineered router fence held to the toughest of tolerances ensuring long lasting precision and use.Time and again, the same old router fence “L” shape aluminum extrusion is used. The problem that manufacturers run into with this design is the twisting and warping that may occur when extruding a shape that long.This can be overcome with machining the part once it is cut; however, most router table fences on the market today skip this most important step.This is why JessEm’s new TA Fence is incredibly unique and precise.We have extruded three distinct extrusions, which are cut on our cold saw and each machined to the tightest of tolerances, ensuring you have a perfectly square router table fence with no bends or twists.At the top of each fence is an easy to read 36” scale in both imperial and metric measurements.As well, the main fence components are all anodized to give you years of lasting use.


At JessEm, ensuring the end user receives the best quality product is extremely important.This never left our mind when designing the TA Fence.When you have a perfectly square fence, it is extremely important that your sub-fences are precisely parallel and square to your fence as well.The TA Fence sub-fences are extruded from 6000 series aluminum.They are then cut on our cold saw and each sub-fence is machined independently to the highest degree of accuracy. They are then “hard” anodized for that long lasting durability.Both sub-fences are independently adjustable to handle different size router bits including the large raised panel bits.


The TA Fence gives the woodworker an exceptionally simplified way to do your jointing operations. No need to mess around with shimming bars, or plastic shims.With the TA Fence adjusting your outfeed fence is as simple as loosening two knobs, turning the knurled dial at the back of your fence.Adjustments from 0” to ¼” are easily made. The adjustment module is precisely laser engraved and each revolution of the dial is equal to 1/16” adjustment to your outfeed fence.Retighten the knobs and you are ready to go, quick and easy.


All of the adjustment knobs are precision machined with convenient knurls from either 303 Stainless Steel or 6000 series anodized aluminum. The TA Fence hold down knobs, are neatly mounted in anodized aluminum mounts with a stainless steel retainer, allowing for effortless adjustments. As well, the hold-down knobs are fixed into the retainer so the knobs stay fixed even when the fence is removed from the table.The TA Fence adjustment knobs; as well, are machined from stainless steel and mounted to an aluminum anodized mount for quick, no hassle adjustments.


The TA Fence Guard is not your average bit guard.JessEm has designed this unique bit guard, not only to adjust the height for varying sized bits, but to also adjust the depth when routing away from your fence. With a simple turn of the knurled stainless steel hold down knob, adjust the depth to cover your bit and retighten the knob.


The right and left TA Fence Tracks are extruded from 6000 series aluminum and machined on one of our CNC mills.Each track has a front and back cover so there is no dust collection buildup within the tracks.Each track has its own linear scale in both imperial and metric measurements.


The TA Fence comes with our standard 2-1/2” O.D. x 2-1/4” I.D., PVC 45° angle vacuum port.


The assembly of the TA Fence is done as attentively as the machining is done. Every part is inspected and only stainless steel hardware is used during assembly. To ensure the precision and accuracy of the entire fence, JessEm has engineered our own in-house assembly stations with built in Starrett Dial Indicators to ensure the fence maintains the highest quality standards we are known for having in the industry.


  • Designed from 6000 series aluminum extrusions.
  • Solid and heavy duty
  • Anodized for durability
  • Laser engraved unique dial-in outfeed subfence, Adjustments from 0" to 1/4", Dial gradations every 1/256" for quick and variable jointing set ups
  • Stainless Steel and anodized aluminum adjustment knobs
  • Sub-fences "hard" anodized for long lasting durability, Sub-fences are independently adjustable to handle different size bits, including the large raised panel bits.
  • Guard is height adjustable and for aditional safety, guard reach can be adjusted when working away from your fence
  • Imperial/metric scale on the main fence and adjustable measuring scales on the fence tracks