Knipex KNIP-1650145SBA 5 3/4in Ratcheting Knife



  • Ratchet function enables stripping with less effort for a variety of larger diameter cable sheaths
  • Multi-functional blade featuring three cutting areas for round and longitudinal cuts
  • Guide shoe prevents damaging conductor insulation under the cable sheath
  • Strips hard or tough plastic sheaths up to 1/4in wall thickness
  • Three-line depth gauge on blade indicates depth in cable insulation in millimeters
  • Replaceable sickle-shaped hook blade (16 50 145 E01) can be folded for transport and storage
  • Blade with four positions: folded, straight, angled and ratcheting
  • Thumb rest to apply necessary pressure during cutting
  • Three-stage lock for blade positioning and transport
  • Replacement parts available: replacement spare blade (16 50 145 E01) and spare safety lock (16 50 145 E02)
  • Housing made of glass fiber reinforced plastic
  • Multi-component handle with integrated tether attachment point for use with KNIPEX Tethered Tools System