Mafell MAF-200990 SG 230 Slotting Guide Attachment



  • The SG 230 is one of three options for the Chain Mortiser LS 103 EC for cutting slots in beams and glulam.
  • Channels for supply lines, slots in posts or for concealed beam joints: with the SG 230 you can cut slots in any timber up to a depth of 285 mm (11 1/4 in.). With working depths up to 230 mm, a spring-loaded mechanism assists the return to the starting position.
  • With a weight of just 16.7 kg (36.8 lbs), you can even cut slots in fitted beams.
  • With this combination, the coordination of slot mortising attachment and chain mortiser enables you to make 100 % perfect size slots from beginning to end.
  • Robust, torsion free guide support stand – for perfect size slots.
  • Mortising width from 6 - 21 mm (1/4 - 13/16 in.) – for various applications.
  • Low overall weight – for excellent handling even in difficult working positions.


  • Cutting slots for beam joints and connectors
  • Compatible materials include solid wood, trusses and laminated beams