Mafell MAF-918623 DDF 40 Duo Dowel System


The new Mafell DDF 40 Duo Dowel System introduces greater ease and efficiency to the task of drilling accurate dowel holes. Its hallmarks include a broad range of applications, an ergonomic design, a flat base plate for easy handling, and joints that are absolutely aligned and stable. Whether in the workshop or on site, no other power tool can produce such high-quality joints.

When producing corner joints, partitions, or rows of holes, the DDF 40 offers not only the precision of a stationary machine, but also the cost savings associated with standard wooden dowels. In addition, the technique of using dowels in pairs achieves outstanding stability at the dry assembly stage.

Smart accessories make the DDF 40 a convenient multi-purpose machine. In most cases you do not need to use a template or mark out the work, thanks to the variety of stops and fences. This MaxiMAX version in the T-Loc systainer includes the innovative SA 320 Side Fence Set and LA Stop Pin Insert for Battens in the Standard Equipment.

DDF 40 users can purchase high quality metric dowels from companies such as Excel Dowel, Chicago Dowel and California Dowel.


  • Auxiliary rest ZA
  • Set of additional Stops ZAG
  • Anti-slip mats (265 X 175mm)
  • Carbide dowel drills, dia. 6, 8mm
  • Side Fence set SA320 206490
  • Stop pin insert for battens LA 206491
  • Pack of wooden dowels, 6 x 30 mm, 350 pieces
  • Pack of wooden dowels, 8 x 30 mm, 200 pieces
  • T-MAX Systainer


  • Drilling depth: 0 to 1-9/16in
  • Drill bit spacing: 1-1/4in (32mm)
  • Tilt range: 0 to 90°
  • Chuck diameter: 5/16in
  • Maximum bit diameter: 1/2in
  • Minimum bit diameter: 1/8in
  • Nominal speed - no load: 8,000 rpm
  • Motor: 120 V / 60Hz
  • Current: 7.8 A
  • Weight: 6.4 lbs