Makita MAK-TW004GZ XGT 40V MAX Li-Ion 1/2" Impact Wrench, Friction Ring

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Equipped with high power brushless motor
"Constant rotation control" that enables stable tightening without being affected by the remaining battery capacity* The socket in the photo is sold separately.

Forward / reverse auto stop mode

  • For continuous temporary tightening work and prevention of nuts falling off during loosening work

Mode - At normal rotation (after the start of hitting) At the time of reversal

  1. Immediately stop rotating (tightening of scaffolding, temporary tightening of piping, etc.) Stop rotating immediately
  2. Rotation stops in about 0.5 seconds (automobile tires, temporary tightening of steel frames, etc.) Rotation stops in about 0.2 to 0.3 seconds (to prevent falling off when loosening bolts and nuts)
  3. Rotation stops in about 1 second (steel frame, temporary tightening of bridges, etc.) Low speed rotation (230min -1 )

Switch full speed mode

  • If you pull the trigger a little, it will rotate at full speed at once
  • Efficient continuous work and less fatigue

4 levels of striking force

  • The striking force can be finely selected according to the work.

Both compact and highly durable
High strength anvil & double spring

  • The first new mechanism in its class that achieves excellent durability while having a total length of 144 mm, which is the same as the 18V conventional model (TW300D).
  • Optimal power supply system for high-load continuous work

Dust-proof / drip-proof IP56

  • Protects from dust and rain
  • Compatible with batteries as well as this unit
  • The plastic case that comes with the full set is IP65 compliant (excluding the accessory compartment)

C spring type that temporarily holds the socket before piercing the pin due to the friction of the C spring

  • Square drive 12.7mm (1/2 ")
  • With LED light
  • With large hook
  • Battery protection circuit
  • Soft grip