Milwaukee MIL-49-22-5607 10-Piece Hole Dozer Bimetal Hole Saw PACKOUT Kit

Final Sale

For an American-made hole saw kit designed around increasing jobsite productivity, you simply can’t match the performance and durability of the Milwaukee Hole Dozer. Especially if you’ve had it with worn and/or broken saw teeth, the Milwaukee 49-22-5607 Hole Dozer — a 10 piece hole dozer kit with PACKOUT organizer — won’t disappoint. This Milwaukee electrician’s hole saw kit features the strongest saw tooth design in the industry backed by a limited lifetime warranty on tooth breakage from Rip Guard — an industry first for hole saw equipment.

The Milwaukee Hole Dozer can offer this warranty with confidence because with eight percent cobalt and more steel behind every cutting tooth, this hole saw kit will increase your daily cutting efficiency while also giving you perfectly cut holes for a longer life cycle than lesser quality equipment can provide. With the included PACKOUT organizer — with IP65-rated seals to keep out the elements and worksite debris — your hole saws can be organized and protected for the life of the kit.

Also included with the Hole Dozer is Plug Jack — a revolutionary slot system that gives you full access for plug removals. So with Plug Jack, you have greater access lower down in the cup when cutting thicker materials, as well as higher access near the teeth when cutting thinner materials. The result is that with the multiple leverage positions Plug Jack allows, you enjoy far less downtime between cuts.

For the ultimate in fast change-outs without the use of a tool, you might want to consider using one of Milwaukee's universal Quick-Change Arbors: 49-56-7240, 49-56-7250 or 49-56-9100.


  • Features teeth with more steel behind the cutting edge for enhanced durability
  • Backed by Rip-Guard limited lifetime tooth break warranty
  • Equipped with plug jack, an all-access slot design for fast plug removal
  • Features bi-metal construction with 8% cobalt for increased wear resistance
  • Thermoset Coating provides up to 2X Faster Cuts


  • (6) Bi-Metal HOLE DOZER Hole Saws (1-1/2, 2, 2-1/2, 3, 3-5/8, 4-1/4in)
  • (2) 3-1/2in Pilot Bits
  • (2) Arbors (7/16in No Wobble Arbor, 3/8in Hex Shank Arbor)
  • (1) 1/8in Hex Key