Milwaukee MIL-48-22-4048 Electrician Scissors


These Electrician Scissors make easy cuts through cable and wire with the sharp blades. Nickel-coated steel blades stay sharp and maintain blade durability. Designed specifically for electrical and telecommunication applications, these scissors feature two stripping notches on the upper blade to easily strip 19 AWG and 23 AWG wires. The full blade serrated edge provides precise, non-slip cutting action.


  • Durable Steel Blades Stay Sharp
  • Easy Stripping With Notched Upper Blade
  • Full Blade Serrations For Non-slip Cutting
  • Cuts Telecom and Electrical Cordage, Cable, and Wire
  • Scraper and File on Outside of Both Blades
  • Low Profile Bolt Pivot Point
  • Nickel Plating Resists Rust