Milwaukee MIL-48-22-9725 25FT GEN2 Stud Tape Measure


This 25ft STUD Tape Measure is the industry's most durable tape measure, equipped with innovative EXO360 Blade Technology. EXO360 protects your tape's blade from ripping and wearing, delivering the longest-lasting blade on the market. The tape delivers 17' of reach allowing you to take long measurements on your own and reach further on the jobsite. Cutting-edge measuring tape blade technology, combined with a fully-reinforced impact-resistant frame makes STUD Tape Measures the most durable retractable tape measure for all your jobsite needs. STUD measuring tapes also feature double-sided printing for easy reading as well as a finger stop to control blade retraction.


  • EXO360 Rip & Wear Resistant Blade Technology 
  • Fully Reinforced Body survives 80 foot drop 
  • Finger Stop delivers Tape Retraction Control 
  • 2-Sided printing for easy reading 
  • Architectural Scale 
  • Lanyard-Ready for Quick and Easy Tethering 
  • Geared Design for Smaller Size 
  • Anti-Tear Coating Reinforces the first 6in of the Tape Blade 
  • Wire Form Belt Clip Reduces Pocket Tearing 
  • Up to 17ft Reach