Milwaukee MIL-48-73-3251 BOLT Earmuffs 26dB

MIL-48-73-1410, MIL-2118-21, MIL-48-73-1415, MIL-48-73-1135, MIL-48-73-1100, MIL-48-73-1430

The BOLT Earmuffs are designed for adjustable, comfortable wear. These cap-mounted earmuffs provide an adjustable fit thanks to the center-mount design. The earmuffs also allow for balanced wear with a 360⁰ rotational arm that can pivot to multiple storage positions when not in use. The comfortable, pressure-reducing cushion helps avoid pressure and discomfort when wearing the earmuffs for extended periods. These earmuffs have the indicated NRR to protect you against hazardous noise and are CSA Class A certified. Our earmuffs are a part of the BOLT System that allows users to secure accessories simultaneously. Certified for use with MILWAUKEE Safety Helmets and Hard Hats.


  • Adjustable Fit - Center-Mount Design
  • Balanced Wear - Multiple Storage Positions
  • Comfortable, Pressure Reducing Cushion
  • BOLT - Secure Accessories Simultaneously
  • Secures into Milwaukee Safety Helmets and Hard Hats BOLT and Universal Accessory Slots
  • Can be Worn with Additional Accessories at Once
  • When not in use - store on the back, top, or below the brim of the Milwaukee Safety Helmets and Hard Hats
  • Color Coded by NRR and Performance Level
  • NRR 26 dB
  • CSA Class A
  • Dielectric Construction
  • Third-Party Tested and Certified