Milwaukee MIL-49-22-5640 Milwaukee 22PC SAWZALL Blade PACKOUT Kit


The 22PC SAWZALL Blade Kit with PACKOUT Low Profile Compact Organizer includes a removable storage tray with the capacity to store up to 12” long SAWZALL blades. This kit features (22) SAWZALL blades. This kit includes the TORCH w/ NITRUS Carbide for Cast Iron Blade and is designed for the toughest cast removals. NITRUS delivers the fastest-cutting, longest-life products with breakthrough carbide technology. The TORCH Blades for metal applications feature TOUGH NECK ribs that strengthen your blade's tang and minimize breakage. The AX Blades for wood applications feature NAIL GUARD to protect your blade's teeth from fracturing during cutting while the FANG TIP feature allows you to easily perform plunge cuts. The reciprocating saw blades in this set are ideal for a variety of metal and wood applications.


  • Set is organized in a PACKOUT Low Profile Compact Organizer. Including (1) removable storage tray
  • Capacity to store up to 12” Long SAWZALL Blades
  • Includes (22) SAWZALL blades for the most common applications
  • Includes TORCH w/ NITRUS Carbide for the toughest cast removals
  • NITRUS delivers the fastest cutting, longest life products with a breakthrough Carbide Technology
  • Includes (19) TORCH SAWZALL blades for the toughest metal cutting applications
  • Includes (3) AX SAWZALL blades for the best-in-class wood cutting applications


  • SAWZALL Blades Included: (6) 6” 14TPI TORCH SAWZALL Blades, (6) 6” 18TPI TORCH SAWZALL Blades, (6) 9” 18TPI TORCH SAWZALL Blades, (2) 9” 5TPI AX SAWZALL Blades, (1) 12” 5TPI AX SAWZALL Blade, (1) 9” 8TPI TORCH W/ NITRUS CARBIDE SAWZALL Blade