Pica-Marker PICA-3030 Dry Longlife Auto Pencil


Long Life Holster with extra strong clip and robust sharpener for long term use

Extremely sustainable thanks to the ability to refill 

Pencil Barrel with roll stop
Our For All graphite lead-2B marks on almost any material surface, whether dry, wet, glossy, rough, or dusty.
More surface marking options with special leads: for bright or dark surfaces, in water soluble or water resistant
Pica-Dry defines the new standard of marking 


  • Marks and writes on all material surfaces
  • Also for dusty, raw, oily, wet and dark surfaces
  • Automatic lead support-  stainless steel tube
  • Sharpener built into the front of the cap
  • Convenient quiver cap with special clip
  • Refill leads water-soluble in different colours
  • Refill leads water jet resistant in different colours
  • Diameter of leads 2.8 mm 

The only Construction Pencil with effective dust & moisture protection

Our push-button umbrella cap and pencil barrel with sealing ring allow for maximum protection against dust and moisture incursion.


The Power Lock mechanism is an industry first
Lead holding power has been tripled over previous versions
Power Lock increases reliability and push mechanism durability