sia Abrasives SIA-5-FES-MIX-150-400 5" 1950 Hook & Loop Disc 9H Mixed Festool 25-Pack 150-400G

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Sia's High Performance sanding discs are seeked by and are recognized for their high quality by industrial professionals. Used in wood, metal, body shop as well as other industries, they are made to last and give you a unique finish, day after day. Superior quality aluminum oxide combined with our Resin Over Resin technology guaranties you a maximum stock removal. The heavy duty paper backing increases the disc's life. Also, the zinc stearate used as an anti-clogging device enables you to work on any type of surfaces, paint or varnish, fiberglass or plastic. Finally, our siafast hook and loop patented system allows you to change and to reuse your abrasive discs more efficiently and more easily, at a lower cost for you.

Sanding Guide:

Granularity Grit Use
Extra Coarse 40 Sanding off paint and colours - Heavy stock removal
Coarse 60-80 Keying paint and varnish - Moderate stock removal
Medium 120 Sanding solid wood - Clean up of surface imperfections
Fine 180 Surface preparation - Final sanding
Very Fine 220 Keying primer & sealer
Extra Fine 400 Intermediate sanding varnish