Stabila STAB-39324 24in TYPE 196 LED LEVEL


The Number 1 request to improve STABILA is to light the vials. Most Baby Boomers have a hard time reading. Every year you will have important work in poor light conditions. Click On and See the Light!


  • Type 196. Number 1 selling frame design plus lighted vials.
  • Two removable light packs - level vial and plumb.
  • Uses one AAA battery. Auto shut off after 100 seconds.
  • Level tolerance will not exceed 1/32in over 72 inches. Every level is electronically calibrated. The accuracy is inspected and certified.
  • Vials read the same in all positions.
  • Bright easy to read vials will not leak, break, fog or require re-calibration.
  • Level accuracy guaranteed for life.
  • Machined top and bottom measuring surfaces.
  • Wide open (300 degree) horizontal/level vial.
  • Rib-reinforced frame for high strength and light weight. Frame will not warp or twist.
  • Rubber hand grips for comfort and grip.
  • Shock-absorbing removable endcaps: Prevent slipping on walls and marking walls. Endcaps can be removed to carry pencil lines tight into corners.
  • Large metal hang hole to store the level up and off of the work surface.
  • Protect your investment with a case. See cat. number 30015.


  • For all craftsmen who work in the dark or in poor light conditions.