Stabila STAB-04490 FLS90 Floor Tile Laser

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  • Perfect laser for tiling, layout, and checking for irregularity of walls
  • Dual purpose base, use on flat surfaces, or flip base for precise alignment of tiles
  • Work directly on the laser line
  • No more chalk lines that fade
  • Check the squareness of walls at a glance with unique housing
  • Fast layout markup
  • Working directly on the laser line is more accurate and saves time
  • The housing is designed for easy clean up
  • The dual purpose base allows positioning on flat surfaces or on corner of tiles
  • 90° Accuracy +/- 3/8" @ 100'
  • Range 50' Visible line. 490' with receiver
  • Operating Life Appox. 20 hours
  • Batteries 3 x AA
  • Laser Class 2
  • Output <1mW
  • Laser Wavelength 635nm
  • Weight lbs 2.4
  • Dimensions 5.7"X4.5"X3.2"